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Before I begin this report let me be clear. I understand what US Border Patrol agents are up against every day. I understand the dangers involved as they carry out their jobs encountering drug traffickers and human smugglers. The dangers are very real and, as in the case of US Border Agent Brian Terry, sometimes very deadly. It is certainly not a job I would want and I respect these agents for the work they do in trying to prevent human smuggling and drug trafficking. For the most part the majority of US Border Patrol agents are good men and women doing their difficult job with professionalism. However, there are a few bad apples as there are in any organization, law enforcement or not. In the case of such bad apples they are the agents who need to be identified and weeded out of the agency. Sadly, this has not…

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Letting Freedom Ring

By Jim Kouri via The Examiner

In almost total secrecy, the Obama Justice  Department has charged a U.S. Border Patrol agent, Luis Fonseca,  for depriving the rights of a yet to  be identified illegal alien at the Border Patrol  station located on Imperial Beach, California, last July. Fonseca, however, was not indicted until a  week ago.

Agent Fonseca, 32, allegedly kneed and choked an  unidentified alien during his tour near the Mexican border last  summer. During his arraignment on Monday April 16, he entered a not  guilty plea.

A grand jury had handed down the indictment on April  12, but details were withheld and the DOJ neglected to promulgate why  the legal action was taken against the Border Patrol agent, according to  an “Inside-the-Beltway” public-interest group that investigates and  exposes government corruption and misconduct.

“Border Patrol Agent Fonseca kneed and choked an  unidentified alien, depriving him of…

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In America

By Alyse Shorland, CNN

(CNN) — This week Time Magazine released its 100 Most Influential People in the World list. Among the presidents, CEOs and entertainers was a 27-year-old activist and undocumented Latina, Dulce Matuz.

Matuz has become a public face of undocumented students. She organizes protests and has been arrested. profiled Matuz last year as part of its coverage leading up to the documentary “Don’t Fail Me: Education In America.”

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Mitt Romney Can’t Shake His Extreme Positions on Immigration

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Democratic Party of Doña Ana County

Democratic National Committee Senior Advisor for Hispanic Affairs Juan Sepúlveda has released the following statement, today:

“This week, Mitt Romney’s campaign spokesperson labeled Kris Kobach as a ‘supporter’ versus the well-publicized ‘immigration advisor’ role Romney has so proudly flaunted since the beginning of the year. And today, Romney tried to shake the Etch A Sketch again by distancing himself from the most controversial elements of the Arizona immigration law SB 1070, when, in fact he has, without question said he ‘supports the Arizona law’ in the past. Mitt Romney faces a huge deficit with Hispanic voters – and these are just two examples of how Mitt Romney wants to Etch a Sketch away his extreme record on immigration – but Latinos will not forget.

“This is the same Mitt Romney that took Kobach’s advice and publicly championed for a ‘self-deportation’ policy. And the same Mitt Romney who said he would…

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18 Arrested During Immigration Raids In Iowa

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WCCO | CBS Minnesota

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Federal authorities say 18 people have been arrested in Iowa on warrants for immigration violations.

A news release from the office of U.S. Attorney Nicholas Klinefeldt says the 18 were arrested Thursday in Newton, Oskaloosa and Pella.

They’re accused of administrative immigration violations. The violations include illegally residing in the United States and violating terms of their legal entry into the country.

Klinefeldt’s office says none of the 18 was arrested on criminal charges.

The 18 people are likely to be deported.

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